Translation of customs documents

Companies that import or export goods are faced with the need to translate customs documents and use traductor catalan español.

Customs translation is a special type of activity, since in addition to knowledge of a foreign language, the translator must be familiar with customs law and terminology in this area.

Translation bureaus accept orders for the translation of export customs declarations, invoices, certificates of conformity, price lists and other transport documents.

The main document for the import of goods and then their transfer is the Freight Transport Declaration. When working with this document, both fields for filling and auxiliary fields cannot be translated.

When ordering translations of the Customs Declaration, certificates of conformity or product price lists, the translator guarantees that the finished document will be drawn up in its original format.

In recent years, translation of customs declarations has been made not only in English, but also in Chinese. The import of goods from China is growing every year. In view of this, the translation of export declarations from the Chinese language is being ordered more and more often. Translation bureaus are trying to expand the staff of their translators who know the language well in order to analyze each translation of customs declarations into Russian as quickly as possible.

In addition, most of the customs documentation is produced using scanned documents, which implies frequent use of typesetting and formatting.

Also, customs translation assumes a standard form of documentation. High demands are placed on the translator not only in knowledge of the language, but also in working with numbers.

This type of translation most often requires specialists who know rare oriental languages, for example, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese and others. All these factors affect the pricing policy of customs transfers.

Almost all customs documents have the same format, so the translator tries to convey mainly factual information. They are also usually presented in the form of a table, so the specialist translates in the same format to facilitate visual perception.