How to choose the most comfortable seats on the plane?

First of all check the seating on the plane you are planning to fly on and If you don’t have a seat planner when you buy your ticket you can do this on dedicated websites, such as SeatGuru or SeatExpert. You can enter flight details or choose an airline and aircraft model in the search box, and the website will give you a seat plan.

Different seats on the plane have advantages and disadvantages. Consider them in detail:

By the porthole. These seats attract with their mesmerizing views of the clouds and the earth from above. But they have one significant disadvantage – you have to constantly disturb your neighbors to go to the bathroom or to take things from hand luggage.
Aisleside. At these seats you can stretch your legs and without problems to get up to stretch, to take things from luggage. Minus – passengers and stewardesses are constantly walking by.
A seat in the middle can be good only because the armrests on the right and left and fall into your undivided power, if, of course, about this rule know your neighbors to the sides.
First row at the entrance or after business class. Here there is more leg room, no one will push your seat back on you and there is an opportunity to get off the plane as one of the first. But these seats are often given to families with children, and it can be quite noisy. And the seats either do not recline or do recline, but only a little.
At the tail end. This is known to be the safest seat on the plane. On unloaded flights there are often empty seats where you can comfortably sit. The disadvantages are that you experience more bounce and turbulence than anything else.