Are there castles in the USA?

Fans of traveling around Europe, for sure, are primarily interested in historically important sights, beautiful landscapes and ancient architecture and also bengali to english. Yes, it is for this that people first of all go to visit the countries of Europe. England, France, Germany are famous for their castles, located high in the mountains or in small floodplains. The history of European states goes far back to the Middle Ages, so in almost any European country it is not difficult to find an old castle that was built against defense and attacks during the most severe wars.

Are there castles in the USA?

Alas, if we are talking about the history of the United States, then it is young enough to talk about centuries-old castles. America (the New World) discovered by the same Europeans in 1492 did not have sophisticated architecture at that time. The natives (Indians) living there preferred to live in wigwams.

Later, the Americans (not the indigenous people, namely the visiting Europeans) began to settle in the mainland and fill it with their “architecture”. They no longer built such castles, but built some fortified buildings or fortifications with towers, the so-called forts.

Wild West fort on a tributary of the Green River (founded in 1843).

Fort Jefferson. This fort is located on Garden Key Island in the Gulf of Mexico, belongs to the state of Florida and is currently a tourist attraction. It is connected to the mainland by ferry and seaplane flights.
In 1819, the Americans bought Florida from Spain. In 1826 a lighthouse was built on the island, and in 1846 the construction of a fort (fortification) began. The fort is named after President Thomas Jefferson.

But the desire to live in a castle appears in modern Americans. In the USA there are castles built by contemporaries. So, in California, winemaker Daryl Sattui built the Castello di Amorosa castle in the style of Italian castles of the 12th century for 12 years. On top of a hill among vineyards in 2007 reigned a total area of ​​11,200 sq.m. Castello di Amorosa completely recreates the appearance of a Tuscan castle. The fortress is surrounded by a dry moat, the entrance is guarded by a drawbridge and heavy iron gates, five towers with battlements are installed in the corners, there is a church in the courtyard, there is a solemn and knightly hall, and of course, a large wine cellar. The castle in the USA is open to visitors and tourists.

Well, the most famous modern castle in all of America is Cinderella Castle, the official symbol of Disney World and the Magic Kingdom park.

Entertainment center with an area of ​​more than 100 sq. km was opened on October 1, 1971.